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The Brookside Family Life Center is a residential program for young, at-risk and abused single mothers and their children, as well as expectant single mothers. The driving mission behind Brookside is to share the love of Christ with these hurting women and children in every aspect of Union Mission's ministry to them. The Family Life Center consists of three programs:

Nourished Hearts Emergency Shelter - This program is designed to meet the emergency housing and nourishment needs of single-mother families who find themselves in need of shelter, whether because they have lost their housing or are escaping a dangerous or abusive situation. No commitment is required of the families sheltered. The campus provides a haven of safety and security while our staff works compassionately with the mother to remedy the circumstances which brought her to us.

Cornerstone Maternity Home - The maternity home is a refuge for single mothers-to-be in need of love and support. We want to encourage and enable each of these young women to choose life for the unborn baby she carries. Staff will offer encouragement and comfort throughout the pregnancy and during the difficult months that follow it. During her stay, the expectant mother will also have access to the same life management skills training used in the Grace Home.

Grace Home - This is a long-term transitional living program with a strong focus on development of life management skills. Mothers who are ready to take steps toward positive change will be encouraged to enroll. Staff will work with each family to develop a "life plan," with which the mother and her children will agree. This plan of action will incorporate counseling and training drawn from our life management skills curriculum. Training offered will enable mothers to develop physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.


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Byron and his mother ran a successful catering company in Ohio when she suddenly died. Seeking comfort, Byron turned to drugs and alcohol. He sold the business and began spending more and more money on his growing addictions. When he arrived in Charleston, he had no money and nowhere to stay other than Union Missionís homeless . . .

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in December 2010

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