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The Crossroads Homeless Shelter provides service to the homeless and hurting every hour of the day, year-round. It provides between 150 and 200 meals per day, and it has a maximum lodging capacity of 76. The men who come to Crossroads do so knowing their physical needs will be met; the staff and chaplains of the shelter, while meeting these physical needs, also tend to the spiritual needs in a practical way.

Emergency shelter is offered as a refuge to men needing temporary housing. Residents receive three hot meals every day, as well as a hot shower, clean clothes and pajamas, fresh toiletries, and a clean bed. The shelter is open throughout the day, and residents are welcome to access the facility whenever they wish (except during the daily cleaning). If after a short initial period a transient decides to make the shelter his home, he must commit to finding a steady job. Residents are attributed the dignity they deserve as human beings, but they are also kept accountable for the management of their time and money.

Residents are also encouraged daily in their spiritual walk. Chapel services are held every morning and evening, with a special service on Sunday morning. The nightly speakers come from all around the area, providing variety. Every speaker is doctrinally sound, and each message includes a challenge to focus on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many men have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a result. Outside of chapel times, the director and chaplains are available to the men for emotional support and counseling.


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Russ first came to Union Missionís homeless shelter in early 2005. Although not homeless, he had struggled with alcohol addiction much of his adult life. In November, Russ decided upon a home church in the area, and by December he had moved into an apartment of his own. By early 2006, Russ had become actively involved in . . .

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in December 2010

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